Knit a Year…Yikes!

Obviously, in terms of blogging, Knit a Year has gotten away from me. Oh, fear not—I have been faithfully knitting with a different yarn each day. But when it comes to blogging about it, well, I stink.

Yet I’m fairly obsessed with documenting each day and each new yarn. Thus, this listing. Okay, somewhat boring, yet think of it as a mantra for knitting. Ommmmm.

Day 12: Hearty and thick wool mystery yarn. I was in a white mood.

Day 13: I love Foxfire yarn, and this gorgeous aqua hand dyed Cormo/silk sport weight is de-lovely. I was in a foxy mood.

Day 14: Same yarn as 13, but a lovely rose color. Through rose-colored glasses, perhaps?

Day 15: Artfibers’ golden tussah silk. Yes, I was in a silky, slithery mood. Yes, it’s gorgeous fiber.

Day 16: Romney Ridge Farm—artisanal yarn from Maine. Wool, mohair, angora. A longing for the Pine Tree State prompted this day.

Day 17: Plymouth yarn’s luscious Baby Alpaca Grande. I felt pretty grand myself that night.

Day 18: Lisa Souza’s remarkable Flying Fish, perhaps my fave all-time yarn.

Day 19: Mirasol yarns merino/alpaca/silk. Just a yummy yarn that makes me feel good. It’s also good for the people of Peru it supports. Beginning a color poem.

Day 20: Marisol 2 in pretty, pretty blue.

Day 21: Marisol 3’s golden amber is gorgeous.

Day 22: Marisol 4’s purple brings this color poem to an end.

Day 23: Artfibers’ Bistro cotton and nylon, in their Spring Yarntasting Sampler. I love this. It makes me smile.

Day 24: Artfibers’ Chameleon nylon and viscose. It’s full of texture. I was feeling pretty textural, too.

Day 25: Artfibers’ Hana, pure, unadulterated silk. Divine.

Day 26: Dream in Color’s Classy (worsted). My Mother Earthy feelings sometimes come to the fore.

Whew! Well, that’s it for now.


2 responses to “Knit a Year…Yikes!

  1. Great that you are keeping up! I’m like you. I knit but I don’t always blog right away.

  2. I like how your knitting has little friends in each picture. It sounds like a fun project!

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