Days 6 through 11…I know, where have I been?

OK – I’ve been faithfully knitting on my Knit a Year project. Each night, I have a fine time choosing just the right yarn to use for my mood. In my “real” life, I’ve been swamped with teaching and deadlines. Nothing bad, mind you, but it’s prevented me from writing about Knit a Year.

So here we have a compilation of days six through 11.

Day Six: Fun with Chenille—I love Colinette Yarns. Here’s a giant skein of chenille with yummy colors. I got it on sale several (embarassment!) years ago. I thoroughly loved knitting with it. It’s hand dyed, DK weight, 100% cotton. Slicker needles would have been better, the the bamboo works okay for a few rows. This is happy yarn.

Day Seven: String Theory—Oh, String Theory yarn is my downfall. Their colors are so divine and saturated and complex, that I love to knit with their yarn. Here’s their Merino DK in the color Teal. I knit a hat in this, and it was yumalicious. Loved knitting it for Knit a Year.

Day Eight: Frog Tree yarns alpaca in glorious orange. This is bulky weight. Grace, my basset, especially loves bulky yarn. She’s playing it cool here, but is about to steal my Knit a Year.

Day Nine: Looks like String Theory, but it’s not! I have been dying to try this yarn, and so I knit a few row in this project. Made me smile. It’s The Fibre Company‘s Road to China, Silken Jewels, made up of Baby Alpaca, Cashere, Camel and Silk. Aquamarine.

Day 10: Brown stuff. What we have here is some soft, yet hearty brown Worsted. I have no idea what this yarn consists of. I found it in one of my knitting bags, have no memory of whence it came, and am thoroughly enjoying the speculation about it. It could be Yak from Bijou Basin or bison from Buffalo Gold or merino from ??? Truly, I have no clue. But I like it.

Day 11: Hand dyed Big Loop by Interlacements. Again, a big, fat skein in my stash that I purchased (again) years ago on eBay. Knitting with the same bamboo sixes and – wow – what a pain. The yarn is 90% mohair – lovely and soft, not itchy – but difficult to knit on such “sticky” and rounded needles. It would do better on Addis.

3 responses to “Days 6 through 11…I know, where have I been?

  1. It’s looking good! I started April 1. I put up a blog…it’s ugly right now but it’s there. if you want to look. Thank you for the Ning invite!

  2. Vicki
    Have you been keeping up with the Salty Knits saga?

  3. knittingnewsnet

    Thanks for the link and the heads up. I have been writing on Twitter (@knittingnews) about the big knitting adventure in New Jersey. But, please, if you learn anymore, do update me. I’m all ears…and stitches! Go Salty Knits!

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